Just as the sunflower awakens with each dawn to follow the sun across our sky, now is the time for our hearts to come alive and look towards the summer.

This flower, as a symbol of rebirth and renewal, of faith and of hope, also symbolises the relinquishing of our own inner winters and freeing ourselves of worldly inhibitions.

Come alive. Celebrate the turning of the wheel and the cycle of life. The time has to reflect on what is done and focus on what is yet to be and to embrace life.

With the arrival of spring, so begins this time of energy renewal. Of sowing. Of cultivating.
Be reborn
Be renewed
Be re’you’ed
Be alive

Since the dawn of time, the people of the earth have celebrated the return of spring through music, and dance and with love. We invite you, once more, to be part of our communal rite of passage from winter to summer and our call to Gaia, as we gather together to summon the return of the sun and beginning of the next chapter of our lives.

We encourage you to set free your inner child, reconnect with dreams lost and embrace friends and family, channeling your energy back to the earth and opening your hearts, your minds and souls to the endless experiences and gifts which life still has to offer.

Come Alive

This is the start of Spring. This is the Sunflower Festival.